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Automatic Magic Code Locating Loader

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Uploaded by: @iDone

Automatic Magic Code Locating 010 Editor App for macOS Loader(Bypass License Patcher) Created by B.S. Usage: frida --codeshare iDone/automatic-magic-code-locating-loader -f /Applications/010\\ Editor --no-pause

OneRule by h4rithd

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Uploaded by: @h4rithd

This script dynamically instruments Android applications using Frida to bypass all security checks, root detection, debugger detection, ssl pinning, and alter network information. | by


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Uploaded by: @andydavies

Hooks libboringssl.dylib to extract TLS keys and enables decryption of network traffic from iOS apps to be decrypted. Tested on iPhone 5s running iOS 12.4.2 jailbroken with Checkrain.