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Uploaded by: @FrenchYeti

Syscall tracing & args/flags/error/signal parsing with strace-like output for Android x64 (tested with emulator & Android 13). See more at

Universal Android Biometric Bypass

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Uploaded by: @ax

Updated Android biometric bypass script (from Kamil BreĊ„ski, Krzysztof Pranczk and Mateusz Fruba, August 2019) - This script will bypass authentication when the crypto object is not used. The authentication implementation relies on the callback onAuthenticationSucceded being called. The code resolves BiometricPrompt$AuthenticationResult constructor args at runtime. It should work with any Android version.


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Uploaded by: @zeroinside

A PoC Frida script for tracing the android SSL exception constructors. Helps a lot with searching the code tree for the certificate pinning functions and exception sources.