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iOS Utils

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Uploaded by: @lichao890427

有用的函数:包括模拟点击,keychain数据查看,界面结构分析,获取OC类信息等 several useful iOS utils,including keychain dumper, view dumper, perform click

Android Native Interceptor

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Uploaded by: @hyugogirubato

Native Interceptor is a Frida script that allows you to intercept and monitor function calls in native libraries and processes. This script provides a wide range of customization options to help you capture and analyze the behavior of specific functions within the target application.


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Uploaded by: @DuffyAPP-IT

This is a simple handler I have created to extract the body and request type (GET/POST) for each request made by the target iOS application. I'm @J_Duffy01 on Twitter if any q's!